By Elizabeth Riggs

Have you been considering buying a UTV? Farmers, are you in need of a replacement part for that old Case that’s been on your farm for decades? Springville’s Lamb & Webster is a locally-owned and operated full-service retailer for agricultural and lawn and garden equipment.

First opened in 1960 by Springville natives Lloyd Lamb and Austin Webster, the company is closing in on 50 years of business and shows no signs of slowing down.

In fact, Lamb & Webster is embarking on their busiest time of the year as spring planting, tilling and fertilizing begins, as a majority of their customers are small family farms.

“We are an agricultural-based business, from small farms to large family farms that have expanded and brought in the family to help run them,” said Co-Owner Earl LaGrou.

But Lamb & Webster isn’t just for farmers.

“We have smaller lawn and garden equipment and smaller attachments for the home owners and we have people in house here that specialize in the smaller units,” LaGrou said.

Lamb & Webster carries product lines ranging from Case IH to New Holland and Cub Cadet to Kubota, and according to LaGrou, the business has evolved over time to ensure product lines meet customer demand.

“We’ve been in the business long enough and we’ve concentrated on what the customers have asked for. We’ve narrowed our lines down because there wasn’t enough business to justify them and it’s freed up capital to actually invest in the lines that we have,” he said.

According to LaGrou, customers should beware of buying equipment at chain stores, as what may appear to be cheaper or a better deal, isn’t always the case.

“If you buy some of the products at (a chain store) that we sell, it is cheaper, but we have some features and benefits on our equipment and that those stores aren’t allowed to have. And we service them, which is something that the box stores aren’t allowed to do,” LaGrou said.

Speaking of service, the parts and service department at Lamb & Webster is one of the main features that sets their business apart from competition, and keeps customers coming back.

“We are one of the largest stocking parts dealers in the area. One of the biggest issues people run into with farm equipment is that a lot of the older equipment parts are becoming more obsolete. Our parts people go the extra mile to find those older, obsolete parts,” LaGrou said.

While it would be virtually impossible for Lamb & Webster to stock the older parts, the staff embarks on the seemingly impossible task of tracking down vintage parts at some of the most unlikely places.

“We have to try and find somewhere that a part was returned or taken to a salvage yard,” LaGrou said. “Right now, with the technology advances, if your equipment is over 20 years old, it starts to become difficult to find parts from the manufacturer.”

As Lamb & Webster has been in business for nearly 50 years, it’s possible the older equipment they service was purchased by some of the store’s original customers.

“We have customers that come through the door, that came through the very first day the doors opened,” LaGrou said. “It’s the parents and the fathers or the local homeowners who now have sons or daughters who are doing business with us on the farm or as consumers.”

For those looking to continue doing business with Lamb & Webster, or others looking to start new traditions, LaGrou offers one key piece of advice.

“The eggs are cheaper in the country and so are we. We pass all of the manufacturer’s discounts on to the customer. We have specials every day. The window of opportunity may only be a week or two. The best thing to do is just come down to the store,” LaGrou said.

Lamb & Webster is located at 601 West Main Street in Springville, with other locations in North Java, NY, Woodhull, NY and Grove City, PA. For more information, visit their website at