Photo by Elyana Schosek
Members of the Tech 1 class at Springville-Griffith High School take part in various projects throughout the year. (From left) Front Row: Jared Hecht, Ben Sullivan, Destiny Tharnish, Jonathan Potzler. Back Row: Eric Copeland, Ethan Fisher, Josh Beres, Devin Hitchcock, Chase Oakes, Daniel Gernatt, Jacob Peterson, Will Guilmain. Missing: Stephen Nutter

By Elyana Schosek

Student Reporter

Springville-Griffith High School has lots of different electives that students have the opportunity to take throughout their time in high school.

The school’s technology department has a huge selection of courses beginning with an introduction class called DDP. After DDP, students can advance their knowledge to the next level, if they so choose, by taking Tech I.

This class consists of various types of projects, a few of which are as follows:

The egg drop, in which students must “design a vehicle that can protect an egg from different types of crashes,” including a 2nd floor drop, a 3rd floor drop, a launch from an air cannon and a drop from a ladder truck.

Cardboard boats, which are just what they sound like, will be further discussed later on.

Additionally, there’s a simple project called Beyblades. These are spinning tops that the students really wanted to make using the CNC laser.

The teacher, Jonathan Shelley, noted that projects change based on the interest of the students each year, but one has remained consistent: the boat races.

Each student has a different reason for taking the class. Some, like Ben Sullivan, are taking it because they have always enjoyed technology classes. Others like Ethan Fisher are taking it because they want take CAD/CAM, but need Tech I as a prerequisite.

“I really like working with my hands and learning how to problem solve and be able to design projects are build them,” Josh Beres noted. This was similar to what Jared Hecht mentioned in saying that he wanted to learn more about the “hands on part of tech”.

Eric Copeland said he’d “rather be hands on” and that he’s not good with computers.

Will Guilmain mentioned that in the future, he wants to be a mechanical engineer, and that’s why he’s taking the class. Though he did also say that it’s just a fun class overall!

Daniel Gernatt said, “I thought it would be interesting and fun to solve problems and to use the laser and other tech tools. I also really like Mr. Shelley as a teacher.”

When he says the “laser,” he is referring to the CNC laser, a very valuable and versatile tool in the Tech Department that uses computer software to engrave and cut wood.

When asked to chose their favorite project that they’ve done this year, each student put careful thought into selecting just one.

Eric and Daniel both said that their favorite project had to be the egg drop project they did at the beginning of the year. When asked why this one, Eric said, “because of the different trials we did. For example, launching it at a wall with a cannon, in the air, etc.”

Additionally, Daniel said, “I liked it because it was fun to mess around with the eggs, but it was also cool because I got to build a parachute and I also got to see some different creative designs by other people.”

Jared noted that he most enjoyed the windmill project “because you had to be innovative with your design, test it, and then redesign it.”

Josh said his favorite project so far would also be the cardboard boat races in which they each worked with a partner to create boat out of cardboard, zip ties and duct tape with a plastic layer over it. They actually raced the boats in the school pool right before Christmas break.

“The experience was awesome from designing the boat and making small models of it and multiple changes throughout the building process and then the final result was a great feeling with great results,” he said.

Josh had worked on the boat with Ethan, who also said his favorite project was the boat races.

“There weren’t many guidelines so you could pretty much design whatever you wanted to and it was fun to try and go across the pool,” he said.

“It’s also a class that will allow you to use your imagination,” Shelley said. “There are really no wrong answers, except for not trying.”