By Jolene Hawkins

Here you see a fascination, outdoor amusement ride called the Circling Wave.  Mr. Armitage and Mr.Guinn patented the ride in 1907 and made this razzle dazzle ride.  It could seat 80 people, and was run by a small gasoline engine that could also pipe the organ music when the ride was in motion.

Mr. Armitage and Mr. Guinn made an arrangement with Smith and Smith manufacturers in Springville, in the building of this ride, creating extra force of men at the plant and they expected to use more men in the future. in 1909,  they sold one to the Ismus of Panama and one went to Copenhagen, Denmark.

The ride would dip three times at each revolution, a movement similar to that of a boat riding the waves and giving the rider a much more exhilarating experience than that of a simple merry go round. The platform was made of steel and was built in a very solid framework.

Four men could erect this machine in about 4 hours and it was a very popular ride at resorts and carnivals.

You could order a catalog where you, too, could purchase one of these great inventions and make a fortune. (Artimage & Guinn, Mill Street, Springville New York).

In 1918, Smith and Smith purchased the Circling Wave and carousel business from Guinn and Armitage and were manufacturing them in their plant located on Franklin Street.