On May 4, Sky High Adventure Park opens for its 7th season with the force of an entire galaxy. Star Wars fans are invited to join the opening day fun and celebrate May 4 by wearing their favorite Star Wars clothing to receive $5 off a 3-hour climb in the Sky High Aerial Park.

Sky High Adventure Park includes the Aerial Park, the Climbing Forest and the Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster.  The Aerial Adventure Park is the largest in New York State and third largest in the US with 13 courses of varying difficulty, 173 obstacles, and 43 zip lines.  Later this summer, visitors can look forward to the new “Tarzan Swing” on the intermediate level course, Rip Tide. Climbers will grab a rope attached to a trolley and travel across to a cargo net where they’ll climb up to the next platform. Younger children will get a chance to try panning for treasures at the new Happy Holiday Gem Mine located at the base area of Sky High.

Located next to the Aerial Park, the Climbing Forest offers a 3-D climbing wall with the climbing holds strapped to tree trunks.  There are 9 trees to climb of varying difficulty to challenge kids (age 5 and up) and adults alike.

The Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster, opening May 18, is 4,800 feet in length with a downhill track of 2,940 feet and a drop of 283 feet.  The track consists of 15 curves, 12 waves, a jump plus a huge spiral, and carves a beautiful path through the woods of the resort that everyone in the family will love.  ­