By Elyana Schosek, Student Reporter

Every year on Dec. 31, families and friends gather to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Everyone does something different to start off the new year, as can be seen from asking a few students from Springville-Griffith High School about their best New Year’s memories or favorite traditions surrounding the new year.
Like Ben Sullivan, many students said they “stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop” in Times Square in New York City.

“I don’t generally have many traditions for the new year, but we usually stay home as a family and play games until we can watch the ball drop on TV,” Marin Lehr said.
“My favorite New Year’s tradition is the food! I love being with family talking about memories from the year and eating the best food,” Allie Emmick mentioned.

Ethan Fisher said, “Every year, I have all the Fishers and family friends come over and we all celebrate the new year with a huge party.”
“Every year we always stay up until midnight and do something ‘big’ right when the ball drops,” Lexi Moriarty said. This year, Lexi and her friends are planning on jumping in the snow in their bathing suits, that is if there’s even any snow left.

Miya Domes recalled a time when she was little when she and her friend, Carley Delaney, “would go out in the street at 12:00 and bang pots and pans and wake up all the neighbors.”
Melanie Barry said her favorite New Year’s tradition would be going to her friend, Rachel Stressinger’s, New Year’s Eve party with her family.

“I’m spending New Year’s with my French girlfriend and it’s probably going to be my best memory,” said Blaze Schelble.

Max Schwabel noted that his family usually goes skiing and snowboarding when his cousins visit from Virginia.
Others like Sam Gottstine and Mikey Evans spend most of their New Year’s catching some Z’s.

“I stay up until midnight, then sleep until noon,” Sam said. When asked what he does for New Year’s, Mikey had a simple reply: “I just sleep.”
Evelyn Smith mentioned that her favorite New Year’s tradition when she was younger included going to a close family friend’s house and going sledding every year since her family moved to Springville.
“A tradition I do with my friends is getting together and watching our favorite movies and talking about what happened in the year and what we hope to happen next year,” said Hannah Milbrand. “Sort of to start off the new year with high hopes.”
A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Many Americans form one or multiple New Year’s resolutions, things they plan on doing or changing in the coming year.
Among the most common are eating healthier, get more exercise, save more and spend less, get more sleep, learn a new skill, read more and get organized.

Although most Americans do make such goals, many do not for one reason or another.

The purpose of making a resolution is to change a habit or trait, to accomplish a personal goal, or just to improve ones life in general.