By Derek M. Otto

As many in the Springville area have heard through social media or other resources, the Legacy restaurant in Springville is planning to reopen this summer.   

In a brief interview with owner Ted Winkey, he explained that they are in the research stage.  “We have the blueprint table, just waiting on the blueprints,” is the way Ted put it.    

The Legacy opened in October 2000, when Ted and his wife, Kathy, purchased and remodeled the old Plaza Pizzeria. The Winkeys had a successful seven-year run with the restaurant in the early 2000s.  Ted recalled many people who came through the doors— people from Niagara Falls, Lockport and Jamestown to the south would come here.  When they came back, they would bring guests from out of town.

“Our guest book had people from Germany, Great Britain, The Czech Republic and even Japan and Brazil,” noted Ted.

The Legacy was a New York Style restaurant with the coziness of Springville.   After those initial successful years, the Winkeys, who also were running their insurance agency at the time, realized that they were burning both ends of the candle and decided to close the restaurant.

In 2008, an attempt was made to reopen the Legacy by another entrepreneur.  The Legacy was open for several months that year, but due to bureaucratic red tape, the owner was forced to close.   

It has been vacant for nine years now.

When asked why he decided to reopen now, Ted said, “I am not getting any younger.”  He hopes to have the restaurant open by mid-June.  “We are about 90 percent there, though we are still in the investigative stages of how the reopen will look.  We are still seeing who is out there.   We have a PO box set up and are receiving inquiries from potential staff.”

He did say what will be new: The Legacy has been approved to have awnings on the first floor windows.   Also under construction is a raised platform that will serve as a dining area and an area for performers when there is entertainment.   

Ted also told an interesting story about when he first opened in 2000.  He and Duane Moritz, Springville’s building inspector at the time, went through permits of the building.  Ted recognized his aunt’s name on one of the permit applications.  He ended up calling his aunt in Arizona who revealed to him that she had run a small restaurant in the rear of the building in the 1930s.  It’s neat to have that connection with a restaurant called “The Legacy.”

Those interested in inquiring about job opportunities may send them to PO Box 431 Springville, NY, 14141.