By Caitlin Croft

Holiday Valley held the annual Kandahar Festival for U14/U12/U10 athletes where over 180 athletes gathered for this regional race. From there, Kandahar athletes can move on to qualify for Kandahar Championships to be held at Gore Mountain in North Creek, NY.

Day One Kombi U14 Men: Wilson Siudzinski of Kissing Bridge took gold. Hayden Wible (KB) finished 9th, Justin Jusiak (BSC) 14th and Samual Foley (KB) 19th.

Day One Kombi U14 Women: Jenna Block (KB) took 6th, Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) 16th and Syvonne Forgette (BSC) 23rd.

Day One Kombi U12 Men: Garret Goetz of Kissing Bridge finished in 7th, Aidan Nyitrai (BSC) 24th, Eamon Langdon (BSC) 25th, Hannes Aubrecht (BSC) 31st and Alex Gradwell (BSC) 32nd.

Day One Kombi U12 Women: Raegan Kavcic (BSC) took 14th, Emily Kloc (BSC) 16th, Zoe Hallett (BSC) 19th and Lillian Rauch (BSC) 39th.

Day One Kombi U10 Men: Owen Gray of Buffalo Ski Club finished in 8th place.

Day Two GS U14 Men: Wilson Siudzinski of Kissing Bridge again walked away with the gold medal. Hayden Wible (KB) finished in 13th, Samuel Foley (KB) 14th and Justin Jusiak (BSC) 15th.

Day Two GS U14 Women: Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) finished 9th, Jenna Block (KB) 13th and Syvonne Forgette (BSC) 21st.

Day Two GS U12 Men: Garrett Goetz of Kissing Bridge finished 5th, Kellen Gradwell (BSC) 31st, Eamon Langdon (BSC) 33rd and Hannes Aubrecht (BSC) 36th.

Day Two GS U12 Women: Zoe Hallett of Buffalo Ski Club took 6th, Raegan Kavcic (BSC) 11th and Lillian Rauch (BSC) 30th.

Day Two GS U10 Men: Owen Gray of Buffalo Ski Club placed 15th.

U16 Athletes traveled back to Whiteface for their U16 State Championships. Day one ended up being a Giant Slalom because they could not hold a Super-G due to Mother Nature and bad visibility. Day two was a Slalom and day three was another Giant Slalom.

Day One GS Men: Daniel Edick (BSC) finished in 20th place and Aristotle Ninos (KB) took 41st.

Day One GS Women: Olivia Shortt of Kissing Bridge finished 40th.

Day Two SL Men: Buffalo Ski Club’s Daniel Edick took 7th with teammate Christian Meyer in 12th. Aristotle Ninos (KB) finished 38th and Ethan Hallett (BSC) 62nd.

Day Two SL Women: Page Hazen of Kissing Bridge finished 27th, teammate Olivia Shortt took 34th and Madison Dziulko (BSC) took 52nd.

Day Three GS Men: Parker Murray of Kissing Bridge finished 59th.

Day Three GS Women: Page Hazen (KB) took 26th, Olivia Shortt (KB) 51st and Piper Murray (KB) 62nd.

U19/U21 athletes traveled to Gore for their State Championships. They followed the same format as the U16s with two Giant Slaloms and one Slalom.

Day One GS Men: Buffalo Ski Club’s James Rauch finished 9th and Jack Schleyer (KB) took 24th.

Day One GS Women: Margaret Munschauer of Buffalo Ski Club placed 6th with teammate Lauren Meyer right behind her in 7th.

Day Two SL Men: James Rauch (BSC) took the gold medal and Bryce Shively (KB) in 4th.

Day Two SL Women: Margaret Munschauer (BSC) walked away in the top spot with a 1st place finish!

Day Three GS Men: James Rauch (BSC) finished 9th again and Kissing Bridge’s Jack Schleyer took 25th.

Day Three GS Women: Margaret Munschauer once again found herself on the podium with a bronze medal.

Kandahar Champs Team:

U14 Women: Jenna Block (KB).

U14 Men: Wilson Siudzinski (KB).

U12 Women: Zoe Hallett (BSC).

U12 Men: Garrett Goetz (KB).

U19 Eastern Championship Team:

Men: James Rauch (BSC) and Brice Shively (KB).

Women: Margaret Munschauer (BSC) and Lauren Meyer (BSC).

U16 Eastern Championship Team:

Men: Daniel Edick (BSC).

U16 Eastern Finals Team:

Men: Christian Meyer (BSC).

Congratulations to all athletes who have moved on to post season races!