We love local businesses. Many weeks, you’ll find business spotlights on our pages, featuring local businesses and the people behind them. We love getting to know all of you this way and helping to promote your goods and services in our paper.

As a newspaper, we are a business too. In addition to covering local business news, we pride ourselves in covering events happening in Springville, Colden, East Concord and Collins, local meetings, and everything SGI. We feel that this type of news is best covered by local reporters. Besides myself, our writers Caitlin Croft, Gwendolyn Fruehauf, Derek Otto, Elizabeth Riggs and Jennifer Weber all live within the SGI borders.

We work hard to be accessible and relevant to our readers, and this is all made possible by our advertisers, whose support keeps our content free in print and online.

Thank you for supporting your local writing team and your local newspaper. We genuinely love being a part of this community!

– Alicia Dziak, Editor, Springville Times