The Colden Festival is seeking fine artists for its Sept. 29 and 30 event.

The Colden Festival started off in the 1960s as an “art” festival, focusing primarily on fine art.  Over the years the festival evolved and today is called the “Colden Festival, A Celebration of Art, Community, and Music.”   We never lost our love for Fine Art and would like to step it up.

And, don’t get us wrong, while we love Picasso, Rembrandt and the greats, this isn’t just a snotty type of fine art show.  We love ALL local artists that come out and show off their talent. You are, however, still allowed to raise your pinky finger when drinking your favorite beer, wine, coffee, or water!

The festival features a juried art show where artists showcase and sell their works along with a chance to win cash prizes.  Artists may submit one original piece to be judged that will take place Saturday 11:30 am. Awards will be for Best of Show, first and second place.

Artists’  space is 10 linear feet of snow fence under the Artists Tent, which is reserved for only fine artwork. The cost is a mere $25. We do encourage artists to show all their artworks by purchasing a 10×10 outdoor site.

All info is on our newly-remodeled website. Forms can be downloaded and mailed in, or fill them in online and submitted with payment via PayPal.

Connect with us via our website:, or email