By Caitlin Croft

Last weekend, U21/19/16 athletes traveled to either Gore Mountain or Bristol Mountain for the last round of Empire State Games Qualifiers. Each area held two Super G races, one run per race.

Results from Gore:

Day One: James Rauch (U21/19) of Buffalo Ski Club once again found himself on the podium with a gold medal. Teammate Christian Meyer finished 4th and Daniel Edick (BSC) took 14th. U21/19 Page Hazen who skies for Kissing Bridge finished 10th.

Day Two: Christian Meyer (BSC) found himself walking away with the rose gold, finishing 3rd. James Rauch (BSC) took 5th and Daniel Edick (BSC) placed 17th. Page Hazen (KB) improved upon her first day taking 5th place.

Results from Bristol:

Day One: U16 Grace Graney of Kissing Bridge took gold winning by 0.96 seconds. Teammate Sydney Minier finished 7th, Abigail Fischer (KB) took 9th, Katriana Kivari (KB) 10th, Grace Rauch (BSC) 11th, Madisyn DeLozier (BSC) 14th, Julia Patterson (BSC) 19th, Jenna Block (KB) 21st and Olivia Shortt (KB) 23rd. U21/19 Katie Schlemmer of Kissing Bridge finished 5th.

U21/19 Brice Shively (KB) finished 5th, Jack Schleyer (KB) 13th, Liam Fischer (KB) 18th and Cole Murray (KB) tookl 21st. For the U16 boys, Joshua Jusiak (BSC) finished 9th, followed by teammate Alex Aubrecht in 10th. Ethan Hallett (BSC) took 21st, Aristotle Ninos (KB) 27th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 28th and Wilson Siudzinski (KB) placed 34th.

Day Two: Grace Graney (U16) of Kissing Bridge once again took home some hardware, finishing 2nd. Sydney Minier (KB) finished 6th, Madisyn DeLozier (BSC) 9th, Grace Rauch (BSC) 11th and Julia Patterson (BSC) 15th, Olivia Shortt (KB) 18th and Jenna Block (KB) 20th.

U21/19 Brice Shively of Kissing Bridge finished 8th and Jack Schleyer (KB) 18th and Liam Fischer (KB) 20th. U16 Joshua Jusiak (BSC) took 12th, Alex Aubrecht (BSC) 17th, Aristotle Ninos (BSC) 18th, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 25th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 32nd and Wilson Siudzinski (KB) 34th.

U14 athletes traveled to Song Mountain and Greek Peak in the central part of New York State for a Slalom and Giant Slalom.

Song Slalom:

Samuel Foley of Kissing Bridge finished 17th, Hayden Wible (KB) 18th, Jack Kreuzer (KB) 24th, Aidan Nyitrai (BSC) 29th and Justin Jusiak (BSC) 32nd.

Greek Peak:

Hannah Goetz (KB) took home the silver medal, Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) 21st and Elizabeth Graney (KB) 27th.

Buffalo Ski Club’s Aidan Nyitrai finished 25th, Jack Kreuzer (KB) 26th, Justin Jusiak (BSC) 32nd and Samuel Foley (KB) 36th.

Athletes moving on to Empire State Games: Grace Graney, Margaret Munschauer, Madisyn DeLozier, Page Hazen, Katie Schlemmer, Sydney Minier, Abigail Fischer, Katriana Kivari, Grace Rauch, Julia Patterson and Olivia Shortt. For the men: James Rauch, Christian Meyer, Brice Shively, Daniel Edick, Alex Aubrecht, Joshua Jusiak and Jack Schleyer.

Congratulations to all and good luck!