SGI’s Gracie Attebery, who scored 19 points on the night, stands at the free throw line after one of the several shooting fouls she drew in last Thursday’s game JV against Maryvale. Photo by Lily Dziak

By Alicia Dziak

Last Thursday, the Lady Griffs battled it out on the court against Maryvale to continue their winning streak after a 47-26 victory over Cheektowaga, and a 39-37 win over West Seneca West earlier in the week. The girls were looking for a big win against the Flyers, and they did not disappoint.

The girls took the lead early on, but that lead switched hands several times throughout the game, at one point with the Griffs being down by nine.

Maryvale’s full court press was no match for Springville’s offense, who, after some foul trouble in the first half, managed a string of solid passing and shooting, with point guard Cora Boundy repeatedly driving the ball down and passing it outside to forward Gracie Attebery. Even when Attebery didn’t land her shots in the net, she drew the foul several times, creating successful opportunities for herself at the free throw line.

With less than two minutes on the clock, the game was tied at 42, and the Griffs were able to control the remainder of the game, ending with a 47-42 victory.

Leading scorers on the night were Attebery with 19 and Meg Rehrauer with 14.

Following the JV game, the Varsity Lady Girffs took to the floor, but unfortunately didn’t fare as well, dropping the game 39-28.

“The girls, once again, played outstanding team defense on the night by disrupting perimeter passes and being a force on the glass,” said coach Bob Gainey. “Unfortunately the girls’ offense let them down as they missed open layups and close shots which would have changed the complexion of the game drastically.”

Scorers on the night from the Griffs were Ivette Lewandowski with 12 points, Leah Frank with 8, Kelsey Zabawa with 4, MacKenzie Engel with 2, and Grace Zabawa and Jess Engel with one point each.