By Caitlin Croft

On Feb. 18, U14/12/10/8 athletes traveled to Kissing Bridge for the annual Dual Slalom. This event is a paneled slalom meaning giant slalom gates are used. There are two courses set side by side and athletes compete in a shoot out at the end to determine the Kings and Queens of the Mountain. This is by far one of the most exciting events for this age group all season. The top eight U14s and U12s are chosen from the first two runs to compete.

U14 Girls: Hannah Goetz of Kissing Bridge took gold in the regular race and won the shoot out. Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) walked away with the bronze medal.

U14 Boys: Hayden Wible of Kissing Bridge finished with silver medal.

U12 Girls: Lilian Rauch of Buffalo Ski Club took 9th.

U12 Boys: Garrett Goetz (KB) finished 4th, Hannes Aubrecht (BSC) 12th, Joey Hogenkamp (KB) 13th and Drew Foley (KB) 14th.

U10/8 Girls: Mary Doyle (BSC) placed 5th, Abigail Duff (KB) 6th, Katie Johnson (KB) 9th and Ella Gray (BSC) 11th.

U10/8 Boys: Owen Gray (BSC) took 4th, Rainer Aubrecht (BSC) 10th and Declan Gradwell (BSC) finished 18th.

On Feb. 17, U21/19/16 athletes traveled to Bristol Mountain in Bristol, N.Y. for a Giant Slalom.

U21/19 Men: Christian Meyer of Buffalo Ski Club took home the silver medal. Daniel Edick (BSC) finished 5th, Bryce Shively (KB) 15th, Cole Murray (KB) 25th and Matthew Machelor (KB) 27th.

U21/19 Women: Page Hazen (KB) finished 5th.

U16 Men: Alex Aubrecht (BSC) found himself on the podium with a third-place finish. Joshua Jusiak (BSC) finished 8th, Aristotle Ninos (KB) 16th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 29th, Wilson Siudzinski (KB) 32nd and Parker Murray 33rd.

U16 Women: Madisyn DeLozier (BSC) took 4th, Julia Patterson (BSC) 6th, Kiera Kavcic (BSC) 13th and Piper Murray (KB) 23rd.

Athletes then traveled to Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin, N.Y. for the annual Silversmith Slalom Race on Feb. 18.

U21/19 Women: Page Hazen (KB) took 15th.

U21/19 Men: Christian Meyer (BSC) finished 11th, Daniel Edick (BSC) 15th and Cole Murray (KB) 30th.

U16 Men: Aristotle Ninos (KB) finished 6th, Joshua Jusiak (BSC) 9th and Alex Aubrecht (BSC) 18th.

The following weekend, U21/19/16 traveled to their New York State Championships.

U16s were at West Mountain in Queensbury, N.Y. for the first two days with a Slalom on Day 1 and a Giant Slalom Day 2. Day three was supposed to be a Super-G at Gore Mountain in North Creek, N.Y. Due to the downpour, it was not safe to hold a Super-G and even a Giant Slalom, so the athletes competed in another Slalom. Much to their surprise, the lift broke down and athletes were forced to “earn their turns” hiking up four times— two times to inspect and two times to race.

Day 1 Women: Grace Graney of Kissing Bridge finished in 5th place. Julia Patterson (BSC) took 17th, Olivia Shortt (KB) 23rd, Sydney Minier (KB) 26th and Abigail Fischer (KB) 40th.

Day 1 Men: Joshua Jusiak placed (BSC) 6th, Alex Aubrecht (BSC) 12th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 38th, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 40th and Parker Murray (KB) 48th.

Day 2 Women: Sydney Minier (KB) took 20th, Katriana Kivari (KB) 27th, Abigail Fischer (KB) 28th, Grace Rauch (BSC) 32nd, Olivia Shortt (KB) 41st, Kiera Kavcic (BSC) 42nd and Piper Murray (KB) 62nd.

Day 2 Men: Aristotle Ninos (KB) finished 14th, Wilson Siudzinski (KB) 47th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 49th, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 54th and Parker Murray (BSC) 61st.

Day 3 Women: Madisyn DeLozier (BSC) placed 16th, Sydney Minier (KB) 23rd, Olivia Shortt (KB) 24th, Katriana Kivari (KB) 25th, Julia Patterson (BSC) 26th, Abigail Fischer (KB) 27th and Grace Rauch (BSC) 33rd.

Day 3 Men: Alex Aubrecht (BSC) 18th, Aristotle Ninos (KB) 31st, Wilson Siudzinski (KB) 49th and Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 51st.

Next week we will announce the athletes that qualified for either Eastern Championships or Eastern Finals.

U21/19 athletes were at Gore Mountain for a three-day series as well. Day 1 was two Super-Gs, Day 2 was a Giant Slalom and Day 3 was a Slalom at West Mountain. The U19/21 athletes did not have it as hard as the U16s but the weather brought the warrior out in each athlete with complete downpour for the first run and freeze over for the second.

Day 1 Race 1 Men: James Rauch found himself on the podium with a 3rd place finish. Brice Shively (KB) took 9th, Christian Meyer (BSC) 12th, Daniel Edick (BSC) 13th and Liam Fischer (KB) 33rd.

Day 1 Race 1 Women: Page Hazen of Kissing Bridge took 12th.

Day 1 Race 2 Men: Daniel Edick (BSC) took 10th, Brice Shively (KB) 12th and Liam Fischer (KB) 28th.

Day 1 Race 2 Women: Page Hazen (KB) 11th.

Day 2 Men: James Rauch (BSC) took 4th and Brice Shively (KB) 17th.

Day 2 Women: Page Hazen (KB) 15th.

Day 3 Men: James Rauch (BSC) made his way back to the podium with a silver medal and Bryce Shively (KB) 8th.

The Eastern Finals Team will be announced in next week’s paper, along with results from the U12/10/8 race that was held at HoliMont on Feb. 25.

The U14 State Team will include the following athletes: Hannah Goetz (KB), Ingrid Siudzinski (KB), Elizabeth Graney (KB), Hayden Wible (KB), Samuel Foley (KB) and Aiden Nyitrai (BSC). Congrats to the athletes moving on for the season! Their State Championships will be held at Whiteface in Lake Placid, N.Y. Full coverage next week!