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The location of the Springville Dairy has had a long history of providing treats to the community, but for the past three years its been owned and operated by Bruce and Emily Robinson, who have kept the summer ice cream season going for residents and visitors alike.

By Alex Simmons

The Springville Dairy, located at 84 East Main St., is an ice cream parlor which serves “28 flavors of dairy based hard scoop Perry’s Premium Ice Cream and Chocolate Shoppe Super Premium Ice Cream,” said Emily Robinson, the owner of The Springville Dairy.
The Dairy had its start in 1909 and was opened by Henry Malloch in 1914.
“The Dairy operated under the Malloch family until about 1940 when the business was sold to William Weidinger,” Robinson said. It was operated by William Weidinger until 1950 when he moved out of state.
The Dairy still continued to operate “under the Duggan family until Joseph Luksic bought it in 1962,” Robinson explained. “Helen Luksic, his wife, ran The Dairy and retired from the business in 1988.”
After her retirement, the business was passed onto Helen’s daughter, Pat Walcyk, who operated The Dairy until 2006. The property had stayed within the family until Helen Luksic died in 2013, Robinson said. The property had sat until 2015, when Bruce and Emily Robinson bought it.
The building was purchased because Emilly Robinson wanted a Main Street studio for her photography business, Emily Karr Photography. They had known that the building had previously been The Springville Dairy because “we used to get ice cream there when we were school kids at SGI,” she said.
Robinson said they remember coming to The Springville Dairy after games and concerts, but they had “no intention of reopening the ice cream parlor right away.” The reopening of The Dairy was more of a pipe dream, but they had many residents stop them “while we were cleaning up the yard and ask when the dairy was coming back,” she said.
But in 2017, the dream came true. “After extensive renovation and equipment purchases, we decided to reopen it,” Robinson said.
Along with the hard ice cream, they also serve six flavors of Upstate Soft Custard. Chocolate, vanilla and twists are always available.
“We also generally have three Soft Custard Flavors of the Week,” Robinson said. They also have “a ton of sundaes, speciality sundaes, parfaits and milkshakes.”
Robinson said they look out for all allergies and special diets offering numerous allergy friendly selections including gluten free regular and sugar cones, gluten free Oreo style cookies, eight flavors of dairy free/vegan/gluten free ice cream and frozen homemade lemonade and frozen loganberry.
She said they also provide “no-sugar added dairy based ice cream for those needing a sugar free/keto diet.”
This is The Springville Dairy’s third year in back in business providing a relaxed atmosphere and offering “the best, smoothest soft custard around… just ask our customers,” Robinson said.
In the following years, The Springville Dairy hopes to “expand our menu further and hope to extend our season with indoor seating,” she said. Robinson said the Springville Dairy is grateful for their customers and believes that “Everyone deserves dessert!”
Hours of Service: Noon to 9 p.m. daily during the summer. When school is in session, 4-9 p.m. on weekdays and noon to 9 on weekends.
The Springville Dairy is a seasonal business, so will only be open until at least Labor Day, but may be open another week or two, weather permitting.
You can find The Springville Dairy on Facebook, Instagram or by searching online.